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Dove Studio is a recording studio located in Ipswich with a focus on original bands and musicians.


At Dove Studio I record singers, musicians bands, 

in particular to capture the sound and atmosphere of musicians playing together – a live feel but with a studio sound.


If you are interested then book a visit to chat

things through with me and see the studio

(no charge for this).


I also sometimes record ‘on site’… at your rehearsal space, church or home for instance. This can work well for various reasons and also because intermittent road noise can be an issue with quieter sound sources at the studio; narration only jobs, singer/guitarists, acoustic acts.


Then add overdubs, mix and master at the studio.


Drum kit [¾ size] already ‘plummed’ into recording console which can save time (bringbreakables/snare maybe). Also bass and guitar amps, Roland piano, Korg synths, Hammond organ, Meinl percussion table. And of course lots of different mics.


With mixing I often do the basic pre-mix myself and the client comes along to the main mixing session(s). I master recordings using Izotope’s ‘Ozone 7 Advanced’ mastering suite.


Your final recording (wav & mp3) can be burnt to CD, or via a USB stick (suggest you bring a USB stick to all sessions) or emailed.


I also provide a CD copying/printing service for those
wanting multiple copies and a better presentation. High quality discs and on-disc printing, ask

for details … examples available.

Dove Studio - Recording Studio Ipswich

Everything recorded is backed up in case you want to access files later, i.e. the multi-track and stereo mix files. I usually keep these for decades! (I recently supplied a client with the mixes of songs she had recorded, and subsequently lost, from 1995!

Clients' instruments/gear insured up to £1,000.

Tea/Coffee provided. Washing facilities/toilet, even a shower! You can smoke at the studio.


Parking available, parking area to right of the building.


NOW MAKING MUSIC VIDEOS – see my YouTube Channel

  1. Payment by cash or bank transfer. Recordings can’t be released until cleared payment.

  2. Contract to be signed before we start with multi-session jobs.

  3. Hourly rate is £42 (£55 on location). For multi-session jobs we will sit down beforehand and discuss the whole thing; get an idea of how many sessions are involved etc etc.

  4. Billing split into £250 chunks.​

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Find us at:

Dove Studio - Recording Studio Ipswich
dove recoding studio ipswich

"I am listening to an 8-track demo I did at Phil's studio over the last month or so and have to say it sounds just like the real thing.  The band is a jazz trio of sax/flutes, double bass and drums.  The results are in no way 'amateurish' and show Phil's innate skills as an engineer and inveterate knob-twiddler (jazz is almost always a one-take experience and you rarely have the luxury of endless overdubs to capture the perfect take.  Many thanks to Phil for his hard work.  I can recommend Dove Studio for anyone who is looking to record for demo or for release"

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